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urt0sanz54 2018-3-18 08:37 PM
“It is clear that this increasing criminality and lawlessness continues to reinforce the perception that the leadership of the Guyana Police Force, the Commissioner and the Crime Chief seem incapable of arresting and bringing to justice the perpetrators of such heinous acts…Far too many murders re ...
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urt0sanz54 2018-3-18 02:23 PM
Former Commissioner of Police Winston Felix has called the actions of the police force on Thursday morning as being outside their allotted authority.Former Police Commissioner Winston FelixHis comments came as images from Thursday’s standoff in front of the newly built Guyana Marriott surfaced. The ...
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urt0sanz54 2018-3-18 12:43 PM
– in major sting operationA Guyanese man is said to be among several others arrested in Nepal for counterfeiting and heroin charges, Nepalese News says.The arrest of the son of a powerful Nepalese politician on charges of heading a major fake Indian currency and drugs smuggling racket allegedl ...
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urt0sanz54 2018-3-17 11:21 PM
The Upper Corentyne Chamber of Commerce (UCCCI) recently installed three early sexual activity reduction billboards at strategic locations on the Corentyne. They are now adjacent to the Skeldon Line Path, Skeldon High and Tagore Memorial Secondary Schools.This activity was accomplished with the supp ...
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urt0sanz54 2018-3-17 09:49 PM
…after murder accused escapes from Camp Street prisonIn the wake of the recent escape of an inmate from the Camp Street Penitentiary, China Jerseys Cheap , an Assistant Superintendent attached to the said penal complex has been transferred.A source within the prison walls said that the ASP was the ...
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urt0sanz54 2018-3-17 02:36 PM
– gunpowder found on clothingTraces of gunpowder and evidence provided by eyewitnesses have helped police to link a deportee to the slaying of Parika fuel dealer, Seeram Singh.Dead: Seeram SinghCrime Chief Wendell Blanhum said that the suspect was pointed out by eyewitnesses during an identifi ...
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god8mane17 2017-12-9 08:09 AM
The Ministry of Education in collaboration with Basic Needs Trust Fund (BNTF) commissioned the Number 77 Nursery School complex recently at Number 77 Housing Scheme, Corriverton, Berbice.Education Minister Priya Manickchand addresses the audienceThe project was completed in seven months and cost $82 ...
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god8mane17 2017-12-9 06:00 AM
– as proactive moves are made to help improve health careWith specialist Dr. Mahendra Prasad Samal at its helm, the newly introduced Cardiac Unit of the Dr Balwant Singh Hospital is currently offering procedures that are relatively new to Guyana and perhaps the Region. Among the procedures now ...
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god8mane17 2017-12-8 07:47 PM
Life without boats in Linden you say? Well, that is well nigh impossible- at least in the foreseeable future anyway.And the reason is quite obvious- the community is split through the middle by the Demerara River.So not even the Mackenzie/Wismar Bridge that spans the divide, can replace the services ...
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god8mane17 2016-12-7 09:39 AM
ith the ringing sound ring, NFL Jerseys China , the one that was stout trunk, and in all the consternation eyes, creak fell, cheap jerseys , splashing dust on the ground. “, Jerseys NFL Wholesale ;This be enough?” Took a clap your hands, XiaoYan to the name of the gaping middle-aged say w ...
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