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热度 1 tqxuan 2010-12-8 03:28 PM
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分享 huhu1年了
忧郁的夏日星 2010-12-2 05:04 PM
1年没到这里飘那么久了 哈哈 大家有想我吗? 我过得很棒。。 很充实~ 没想到 自己也能过得那么好 我爱上了 1个人 哈哈 single啦~
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分享 product for give and should always
ycmy963258 2010-11-23 12:02 PM
grind investigate courtyard of fiscal mansion when period, programs and refers to guide the can force will not have such as this letter again with heart. He said: Zheng fu help busy looking for new found than is the work of PE industry is, like the new bamboo work skill to grind investigate courty ...
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分享 generation sex.
ycmy963258 2010-11-23 11:54 AM
period: jiang shuofang jie pick with use Mr Land by the parties of the "learn by jiqing between dimension degree" when reading, he shall establish a born hold against of fiscal mansion interface into the goods currency and letter with gen made over the process to say what the Lord zhang is pushed ...
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分享 non-economic writings
ycmy963258 2010-11-23 11:47 AM
view forced him to accept laws and state of pure repressive views, as the two are the same design. So, although this point - anthropology can explain how the markets have no principle suppress with human action coordination - in abstract sense may be correct, but the nature of man, make this po ...
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分享 logical necessary
ycmy963258 2010-11-23 11:40 AM
invisible hand of the process, or through the rules to a varieties of traditional interpretation) circumstances, it is hard to understand besides skill, what still can produce order. Although mizpah from in explaining the market process is often talked about the invisible hand and beth tut "god's ...
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分享 economy under the public
ycmy963258 2010-11-23 11:34 AM
economy construction to have the important meaning. First, the current level of productivity development adaptation. At present in China is still at the primary stage of socialism, with the public ownership as the main body, a multi-ownerships economic long-term common development is still a basic ...
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分享 Not only
ycmy963258 2010-11-23 11:16 AM
cardinal principle or actual value and the value of the phenomenon coincide degree. In addition, needs the positive direction directional, said demand strength, negative direction supply intensity. Said Four, general theory and its significance Value theory is the cornerstone of economic theory, t ...
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分享 traditional wheel to restore
ycmy963258 2010-11-23 11:09 AM
this kind of social system culture can we call them "zhuo ba cultures", which include the main content of: (1) zhuo ba etc elders of generating mechanism according to age natural heritage; i.e. (2) zhuo balak, such as the function of the elders that executes traditional regulations, adjusting rura ...
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分享 change, has turned from a mutually-benefited one into
ycmy963258 2010-11-23 11:02 AM
market economy, especially of self-adjustment caused by market economy is the inevitable consequences. Six of the market economy must be in the civilization of legal system as the guarantee. All depend on the market the self-regulation of all depend on market profits orientation, the rule of role ...
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