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– gunpowder found on clothingTraces of gunpowder and evidence provided by eyewitnesses have helped police to link a deportee to the slaying of Parika fuel dealer, Seeram Singh.Dead: Seeram SinghCrime Chief Wendell Blanhum said that the suspect was pointed out by eyewitnesses during an identification parade yesterday.Blanhum also said that gunpowder residue was found on clothing that police had seized from the deportee’s home.Police had taken the clothing for analysis because the garments were similar to the attire that eyewitnesses said that the killer had worn.It is unclear whether the slain man’s ex-lover is still in custody. A relative of Singh’s said that the woman was still in custody yesterday, as well as another man that police had held.At present,Wholesale NFL Jerseys China, police appear to have no evidence to support suggestions by the businessman’s relatives that Singh was executed. The killer had made off with some of the businessman’s jewellery,holesale NFL Jerseys, but his relatives suggest that this was a ploy to throw investigators off track. Some police sources had also expressed the belief that the businessman was executed.According to reports, Singh was walking along the roadway at Parika Outfall, when a man came up from behind and shot him in the back.After the businessman fell, the shooter reportedly stood over him and shot him to his chest and head before taking away some of his jewellery.A .32 live round and a bullet casing of similar calibre were found at the scene.According to information received,Cheap Jerseys From China, the killer only took Singh’s gold chains, even though the businessman had his wallet and cell phone, and was wearing gold rings when he was killed.Police arrested the victim’s ex-lover,Wholesale Nike NFL Jerseys, who had allegedly threatened to kill him after he had dumped her and started seeing other women.Police sources have confirmed that when Singh was killed,Cheap NFL Jerseys, he was speaking to the same woman on his phone.According to the source, the woman told the police that she did not hear the gunshots, but heard the businessman screaming on the other end of the line.The businessman’s daughter, Shavita Singh,Cheap NFL Jerseys, had said that her father was at home, but left when his ex-lover called on his cellular phone. She related that she and the woman had several heated verbal exchanges in the past. The daughter alleged that a male relative of the woman had also threatened to kill her father.The businessman and two of his workers were recently questioned by police after the woman and her daughter accused him of stealing a welding plant. That matter was discharged.

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