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Residents of Christianburg, particularly those persons residing in and around John and Alstrom Alleys, have expressed their concern about an abandoned, unfinished house, which is presently overgrown by weeds and thick vegetation.Overgrown bushes completely obscure an unfinished house at Section 'B', Christianburg.The concerned residents said that the tall bushes, which practically obscure the house from view, provide a perfect hiding place for persons with criminal intent,Nike Shox Gravity Black, who might want to pounce on unsuspecting persons traversing the area.Business persons also voiced their concerns about the abandoned structure, and pointed out that the owner lives in proximity to the building in question, yet does not take the time to clean the premises.Residents are calling on the Linden Town Council to look into this situation.Only recently at a meeting held with residents of the Richmond Hill and Fairs Rust communities and Council, residents expressed concerns about empty, abandoned buildings, especially at Richmond Hill, which are allowed to become overrun by weeds and tall bushes.The Town Council was asked to intervene in these matters, before criminals take advantage of the situation.A number of overgrown house lots are also prevalent in the Amelia’s Ward area, and residents there have expressed their concerns time and again, but these have fallen on ‘deaf ears,’ according to them.Both the Regional Chairman and IMC Chairman Orrin Gordon,NFL Jerseys Cheap, had stressed at a recent interactive session with residents of Richmond Hill and its environs, that the Town Council needs to apply the bylaws pertaining to properties. The town council has responsibility for the environment,Wholesale NBA Jerseys, and residents had called on the officers tasked with this duty to visit communities at least once per month,Cheap Stitched MLB Jerseys, to ensure that defaulters ‘clean up their act’.Residents of Christianburg will be given the opportunity to likewise highlight their issues when the Mayor and Town Council meets with them at the Christianburg Community Centre this afternoon at 17:00 hrs.The Council recently began meeting residents to discuss issues affecting them,Jerseys NFL Wholesale, and which could be immediately dealt with,NHL Jerseys From China, and those that would be addressed through the 2012 budget.

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