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Two teachers of Transcendental Meditation, Richard and Janine Robertson, are in Guyana to assist in the re-establishing of a local centre of Transcendental Meditation.Approximately 30 years ago,Soccer Jerseys China, there was a centre for Transcendental Meditation in Guyana,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, but it was closed down some time ago. “We are here to reorganize the movement in Guyana,” said Janine.In keeping with this,Wholesale China Jerseys, they are set to offer a free public lecture on Transcendental Meditation at the National Library. The lecture is for persons who are interested in developing their full mental potential and staying free from the ill effects of stress.The introductory lecture on Transcendental Meditation will be held at the National Library’s conference room on Wednesday from 17:00 hours.The two arrived in Guyana since November 2008, and have re-introduced the technique to many Guyanese.According to Richard,NFL Jerseys Wholesale, more than six million people,NFL Jerseys Cheap, all over the world practise the Transcendental Meditation technique.“People from all walks of life and of all religions and cultures due to the fact that it is simple to learn and does not like other systems of meditation involve concentration or contemplation,NFL Jerseys Outlet,” said Richard.He went on to say that Transcendental Meditation is not a religion, but a scientific technique.

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